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Our passion is to deliver a professional live band experience performing your chosen songs and tailored set list so that you and your guests can be entertained throughout the evening and have a night to remember

Your Wedding      “It rounded off our perfect day"

There are lots of parts to each wedding day where music can change the whole atmosphere 

You’ve probably already been thinking about romantic music as your guests arrive, a special song during the ceremony, a band for your first dance, or a lively disco at the end of your perfect day 

We can be there at any part of your day, to play any type of music you like
(Including a fully manned, complimentary disco to finish your wedding on a high)

We’ll meet up with you before your day to work out your playlist, based on your taste and preferences 

We'll arrange timings with you or your wedding planner, to make sure everything runs perfectly on the day 

We have minimum requirements, and we’ll put all our effort into making your wedding day as much fun for everyone as possible 

We’ll keep responding to the mood and to your guests’ reactions, to make sure everyone is having a good time 

Leave it to us to make your wedding day sound beautiful

We probably don’t need to tell you much about parties . . . 

Everyone knows every party needs good music, and that nothing beats live entertainment

Joyrider will give you and your guests the highest-quality music experience


Come and see us (for free) at a gig. Just call us to find one close to you.


We have masses of experience in creating the perfect atmosphere. We’ll adapt to your type of party, your preferences and requests, your guests, the mood, any theme you have chosen. We’ll provide a complimentary, fully manned disco for any time we’re not playing, to play your music or the playlist we’ve created for you. We use only first-class equipment and we’re always reliable and professional. We’ll be fun and easy to work with. 


In short, you can stop worrying about the most important part of your party. 


Read our testimonials to hear what other people are saying 


Then call us to tell us about the party you are planning 

Joyrider band with full 6 piece, Steve, Lily, Jennifer, Mark, Ian, John

Your Corporate Function      

Steve Webster is our male lead singer

Entertainment can have the biggest impact on the success of a corporate event

Imagine spending a lot of time, money and effort on organising your event . . . then you can’t help wondering if it’s been a non-event. You notice clients looking at their watches halfway through the evening. The atmosphere feels a bit flat. Your staff look happy enough, but no one’s talking about it at work the next day. 


You organise the venue, the awards, the attendees. We’ll work with you before your event, to choose the best theme and styles of music. Then you can relax, knowing the atmosphere will be amazing and that everyone’s going to be relaxed and engaged. And long after the event you know people remember it for all the right reasons. 

There are so many amazing bands, it can be hard to choose the best one

Here’s how Joyrider is different . . .

We don’t set packages and schedules 

We’ll ask you how long you want us to play for, to suit your event, schedule and budget 

We don’t have a limited repertoire 

We can play just about anything (very well) 

Whatever stage you’re at in selecting music for your event, we’ll help you create the ideal playlist 

Joyrider didn’t form 50 years ago 

Between us, we have worked in a wide range of music environments, including touring with top artists 

We came together to form Joyrider, bringing together 50 years of experience (and some of the UK’s best musicians) 

We reckon we now have the perfect blend of vocals, music skills and character 

You can try us for free! 

We play regularly at a number of venues around the country, so call us to find one close to you.

Come and talk to us when we’re on a break – we’d love to hear about the event you’re planning 


We don’t just play good music

We will give you an all-round experience, take away the stress of entertainment planning, and make your event the one that everyone remembers (for the right reasons)

If you want ...

 Your guests to have an amazing time, from start to finish 

People to keep asking you how you found your band 

Your friends to keep telling you after your event how brilliant it was

A short list of some of the types of events we love performing at:

Product launches 

Company milestones 

Awards ceremonies 

Staff motivation days

Team builds 

Shareholder meetings 


Charity fundraisers

Press conferences 

Christmas parties 

Board meetings 

VIP events 

Your theme

A theme can help bring different aspects of an event together. It could be subtle, uplifting music for a product launch. Warm music with positive lyrics will increase the impact of an awards ceremony. You might want us to find music related to a specific product or initiative. And a lively, fun theme can increase the effectiveness of a staff motivation event. 

If you don’t have set ideas yet, we’ll help you choose what will work best. If you know exactly what you want, we will fit in with all your plans. Hey, it’s our job to take the stress out of the entertainment side of your event. 

Leave it to us

You can trust Joyrider to be reliable, professional and customer-focused. We have minimum requirements and are completely flexible on types of venues and environments. 

We won’t just turn up and play music. We’ll make sure that the entertainment is the one thing you don’t need to worry about, and that you and your guests have a fantastic time for as long as we are at your event. 

See our FAQs page

Or get in contact to ask us anything – we’d love to hear from you 



Meet the Band




Joyrider Band with Jenny and Steve as Lead Singers





Want to see what we've been doing in Lockdown?

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Your Questions

Can we come and see you live?

Yes – please see our gig list for all our upcoming gigs, with no-fee entrance. Then feel free to come and talk to us whenever we are on a break – we are always happy to talk to new people! 

How much does it cost to book your band?
What do we need to supply?
How long do you play for?
Do you play music during breaks?
What sort of equipment do you use?
Are you insured?
Do you do requests?
How far do you travel?
Do we need to provide the band with food and drink?
Do you require a deposit?
When and how should we pay you the final balance?
Can you play our first dance?
Can you learn songs?
Do you use backing tracks?
Do you take requests to play encores?

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